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Thermal Power Project

In 1993, Baosteel Special Steel successfully produced a special boiler tube TP347H for thermal power plants. In 2008, TP347H won the Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project. Since then, the company has continuously trial-produced products such as steel tubes, tube blanks and steel plates for ultra-supercritical boilers.

Since 1994, the company has sold more than 400,000 tons of steel pipes and tube blanks to the market, and more than 3,000 tons of various plates.

Since 2007, Baosteel Special Steel has supplied more than 8,000 tons of S30432 and S31042 steel pipes and tube blanks. The steel pipes are made in Xinyang Power Plant, Yuzhong Power Plant, Jinggangshan Power Plant, Xinchang Power Plant, Xinjiang Nongliushi Power Plant and Guodian Datong No.2 Power Plant. It has been applied to ultra-supercritical units such as Huadian Ningxia Yinxing Project and Kassim Project. By 2016, the longest has been operating safely for nearly a decade.

The S30815 steel plate produced by Baosteel Special Steel has been applied to the key heat-resistant components of various high-temperature furnaces designed and manufactured by Dongguo, Haguo, Shangpan and other units.

Baosteel special steel high-silicon heat-resistant steel, the service temperature can reach up to 1200 °C, the products have been applied in Shougang and Wuhan Iron and Steel.

To meet the technical requirements of China's construction of 700 °C ultra-supercritical power station, Baosteel Special Steel is developing C-HRA-1, C-HRA-3, GH984G and other products, the products have been verified in the "national 700 ° C ultra-supercritical power generation technology key components" The test platform" has been running for more than 5,000 hours.

Thermal Power Project

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