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Petrochemical Industry

In 1993, Baosteel Special Steel's high-demand ultra-long stainless steel pipe won the gold medal of the second Shanghai Science and Technology Expo.

In 1998, the high-quality 0Cr18Ni10Ti and 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel pipes won the third prize of Shanghai Excellent New Products.

In 1998, the urea grade stainless steel tube won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

The company's stainless steel pipe (tube blank) for the relevant engineering and equipment in Sinopec Group - Munel alloy (0Cu28Ni70Fe), super-Guangite 904L and other tube blanks, urea grade 316L and 317L tube blanks, the physical quality is equivalent to the international level Super duplex stainless steel S32750 tube blank quality is recognized by customers; 316, 316L large size (maximum diameter up to 4500mm) tube blank (physical quality has reached the international advanced level); ultra-pure 321H large size tube blank has solved the domestic unresolved for many years The difficult problem; high-grade tube blanks such as power station grades TP347H and TP304H have been widely adopted by refineries of Sinopec systems.

In 2004, 2205 duplex steel pipes were supplied to the West-East Gas Pipeline Project;

In 2007, it provided 19*2, 18m long and 2205 duplex stainless steel pipes to Zhanghua.

In 2008, the "Quality Research of P91 Large Tube Blanks for Supercritical and Ultra-Supercritical Thermal Power Units" won the first prize of Shanghai Key Product Quality Research Achievement Award;

In 2009, it replaced the import and began to supply 028 oil well pipe to the Longgang oil and gas field of PetroChina. Supply G3 oil well pipe to Sinopec Puguang oil and gas field. The total supply reached 9900 tons by 2016;

In 2010, the 625 hot rolled sheet for the gasification furnace of Yongmei Group;

In 2011, 800 extrusion pipes were supplied to Wuxi Huaneng Cold Hydrogenation Project. By 2016, the total supply exceeded 1200 tons;

In 2011, the 825 hot rolled sheet for the oriental boiler gasifier;

In 2012, the Sinochem Taicang Environmental Fluoride Condenser 600 extruded tube;

Water treatment of 625 alloy tubes in 2012;

In 2013, it was supplied to Lanzhou Changzheng Air Cooler 825 hot rolled sheet;

In 2014, the nickel-based composite pipe lining 825 nickel-base composite pipe for the pipeline of the Tahe 9th District of Sinopec.

Petrochemical Industry

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