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The proposal of Wang Junting, the employee of Pioneer Park, was adopted by the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political

Apr. 10, 2019

Recently, under the recommendation of the Shanghai CPPCC, the proposal of “Leverage Technology Enterprise Incubation System to Promote the High-quality Development of Military-People's Integration” written by Wang Junting, senior manager of wesocool incubator industry incubator of Wusongkou Pioneer Park, was adopted by the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.It is reported that Wang Junting’s “recommendation” comes from the practice of military-civilian integration development in Wusongkou Pioneer Park. Since its inception, Wusongkou Pioneer Park has been based on Baosteel Special Steel's high-quality “gene” in the research and development of key metal materials for aerospace and other defense military personnel, actively responding to the national military-civilian integration strategy, exalting the banner of military-civilian integration, and combining Chinese Baowu inner ships. We will strive to build a state-level military-civilian integration new material industry demonstration base with resources such as thick plate production, lithium battery and other new energy materials research and development, and U-tube production for nuclear power evaporators. In this process, Wang Junting found that the existence of certain problems constrained the further development of military-civilian integration: for example, there are some deviations between the government and enterprises in the cognition of military-civilian integration; the specific implementation of the military-civilian integration strategy lacks grasping, whether it is the military or the people The People’s Participation Army, the strategic landing from the government department to a large number of enterprises, lacks the “last mile” link; the demand is not smooth, because they do not understand the needs of the military, or even if they understand the military’s possible needs, a large number of enterprises wishing to join the army There is still a lack of effective docking channels; although the military four certificates that are participating in the "gate card" have been simplified into military three certificates, the three certificates are still difficult to apply.In response to the above problems, Wang Junting proposed in the "Recommendations": drawing on the operation practice of the first batch of specialized public space in Shanghai, the Wusuokou Pioneer Park wesocool incubator, leveraging the mature incubation system of technology companies and the network of mature scientific and technological achievements to transform the platform. Utilize this natural party that has been connected with the "people" in the military-civilian integration to solve the "last mile" problem of the military-civilian integration policy; to achieve the integration of military and civilian integration through local specialization of space creation and incubator, and to better utilize the military-civilian integration and interaction The effect is to encourage the technology enterprise incubator system to connect with the military science and technology innovation system, build a military-civilian integrated science and technology innovation system, open the demand docking channel; give play to the technological enterprise incubator system and enterprise library, expert database, technology transfer manager library and other resource advantages, improve technology The business incubator system builds the capacity of the military-civilian integration public service platform, initiates the qualification certification of the incubator military-civilian integration service, provides one-stop services for the military enterprises and private enterprises to transform military production results, and apply for military enterprises to participate in military qualifications, and improve the conversion rate of military-civilian dual-use technology.

The proposal of Wang Junting, the employee of Pioneer Park, was adopted by the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political

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