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Normalize the dynamic adjustment of steel specification enterprises

Dec. 25, 2018


Normalize the dynamic adjustment of steel specification enterprises


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has put forward a list of proposed dynamic adjustments for iron and steel standard enterprises in 2018, involving a total of four situations. Specifically, it is proposed to add 12 standard enterprises, cancel 11 standard enterprises, require 17 standard enterprises to rectify and reform, and change the equipment of 27 enterprises and the names of 7 enterprises.


The newly-listed regulated enterprises mainly have the following situations: First, enterprises that have been officially approved by the state and completed the replacement of capacity in recent years, and secondly, the completion of the elimination of backward or original enterprises to suspend production for more than one year after bankruptcy and reorganization Renamed, the third is part of the electric furnace steel enterprise that meets the relevant national policy requirements, the fourth is the original compliant steel enterprise in Xinjiang supported by the national special policy, and the fifth is the leading enterprise that reduces and integrates and acquires other regulated enterprises. This increase gives priority to areas that have completed the task of removing iron and steel production capacity, and no new standard enterprises will be added to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei steel production capacity control area for the time being. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, after the continuous progress of iron and steel production capacity removal and regulation dynamic adjustment in recent years, the total smelting capacity of iron and steel standard enterprises has declined year by year. The next step is to normalize the dynamic adjustment of standardized enterprises in the iron and steel industry.

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