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Three Major Causes of Oxidation in Stainless Steel

Jul. 10, 2019

As a Nickel Alloy Pipe Factory, let's talk about the reasons why stainless steel often oxidizes.

1. Production process reasons: This is one of the causes of oxidation of steel products. From the perspective of the production process and product characteristics, forming a thin oxide film on the surface of the product is the basic process to avoid oxidation and steel products. One of the main features that distinguish it from other steel products. However, when the production process is insufficient or inadvertent, the oxide film in the air is incomplete and discontinuous, and the oxygen in the air directly undergoes a redox reaction with some elements in the product, thereby causing the product to exhibit oxidation.

2. Reasons for the proportion of products: Some manufacturers reduce the proportion of important elements such as chromium and nickel to reduce the production cost, and increase the content of other factors such as carbon. This production phenomenon, which is not strictly in accordance with the product model and product characteristics, not only makes the product quality greatly compromised. For example, when the content of chromium element of ASTM A312 304 Pipe is insufficient, it not only affects the corrosion resistance and formability of the product, When used in chemical, equipment, and production industries, there are potential product quality and safety hazards; at the same time, it also affects the appearance and oxidation resistance of the product.

Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipe

3. Human Reasons: This is one of the most common causes of product oxidation in some consumers when using stainless steel products. Some consumers are not operating properly in product use and maintenance. In particular, some stainless steel tube products used in the food chemical equipment industry have a high probability of causing artificial oxidation. For the artificial oxidation of steel products, it is necessary to have the correct knowledge of product use and regular and effective maintenance and maintenance, so as to reduce the oxidation caused by improper use of humans.

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