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JFE Steel set up a large-scale destruction and fatigue evaluation center

Mar. 29, 2019


JFE Steel set up a large-scale destruction and fatigue evaluation center

据信息资源网  近日,JFE钢铁公司宣布,为深化钢铁材料破坏、疲劳、焊接领域的研究开发和创新改革,该公司在钢铁研究所千叶地区设立了“大型破坏·疲劳研究中心(JWICIF2)”。该中心约投资10亿日元新装或集中了8000t抗拉试验机和48m钢管弯曲试验机等大型试验设备,建成了世界最大等级的疲劳、脆性破坏、接合技术的综合性评价、研究机构,可一站式完成对大型钢结构物的各种研究试验。

According to the Information Resources Network, JFE Iron and Steel announced that in order to deepen research, development, and innovation in the fields of damage, fatigue, and welding of iron and steel materials, The company has set up a " Great Destruction and Fatigue Research Center (JWICIF2)" in the Chiba area of the Iron and Steel Research Institute. The center invested about 1 billion yen in new equipment or concentrated large-scale test equipment such as 8000t tensile testing machine and 48m steel pipe bending testing machine, and built a comprehensive evaluation and research institute for the world's largest level of fatigue, brittle failure, and bonding technology. A variety of research and experiments on large steel structures were completed in one stop.


In recent years, with the development of lightweight and high-strength structures of large structures such as ships and pipelines, the requirements related to the safety of damage have been increasing. For example, in the field of ships, since 2015, the SOX emission regulations proposed by the International Maritime Organization have been enforced more strictly in designated sea areas and will be applied to ordinary sea areas from 2020. Therefore, attention has been paid to the reduction of NOx and SOx emissions by using LNG fuel on ships. Therefore, attention has been paid to reducing the emissions of NOx and SOx by using LNG fuel on ships. The demand for austenitic stainless steel, 9% nickel steel, high manganese steel, etc., which maintains excellent failure safety at an ultra-low temperature of LNG liquefaction temperature of -160 °C, is increasing. In the field of pipelines, extremely cold regions, earthquakes/fault zones, deep seas, etc., the application environment of products has a more severe trend. It is the responsibility of the user and the whole society to ensure the safety of steel structures used in such harsh environments to become the main industry led by the steel industry.


In order to further promote the research and development activities in this field, JFE Steel has newly added equipment that can be tested in special environments such as low-temperature environments on the basis of various large-scale destruction and fatigue testing machines in various steel research institutes. The Chiba area of the Iron and Steel Research Institute has established "JWICIF2" as a development base. "JWI-CIF2" not only has a variety of large-scale evaluation and test equipment but also set up an exhibition area focusing on the field of ships and pipelines and its failure fatigue assessment technology, actual evaluation test samples and so on. Therefore, "JWICIF2" has gone beyond the scope of the experimental center in a simple sense. The company will make full use of the base with domestic and foreign users and research institutions to carry out joint research and innovation reform.

JFE Steel set up a large-scale destruction and fatigue evaluation center

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