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JSW Steel is likely to acquire British Steel

Jun. 21, 2019


JSW Steel is likely to acquire British Steel

据信息资源网   JSW钢铁集团正在考虑收购英国钢铁公司。据知情人士透露,英国钢铁公司的代表已经与JSW取得联系。“JSW开始考虑此收购方案,因为英方的要价很低并且不会对其影响力施加压力。与此同时,这项可能的交易将会给JSW进入发达国家市场的机会,”据业内人士称。

According to the information resource network, JSW Steel Group is considering the acquisition of British steel companies. According to people familiar with the matter, representatives of the British Steel Company have already contacted JSW. “JSW is considering this acquisition because the UK’s asking price is low and will not put pressure on its influence. At the same time, the possible deal will give JSW access to developed markets, "according to industry insiders.

JSW钢铁在过去几年里一直在积极扩大海外业务。在美国,JSW 拨出10亿美元的款项用于开发德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州的市场;在欧洲,JSW则在去年收购了意大利的Aferpi。据了解,英国钢铁公司在英国、法国和荷兰设有工厂,专门生产建筑用钢。该公司的倒闭则危及了5000多名工人的就业,其高管和负责人正在尝试与全球各地的各方——包括钢铁制造商和私募股权基金会交流。

JSW Steel has been actively expanding its overseas business for the past few years. In the United States, JSW allocated $1 billion to develop markets in Texas and Ohio; in Europe, JSW acquired Italy's Aferpi last year.

It is understood that the British Iron and Steel Company has factories in the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands, specializing in the production of construction steel. The collapse of the company has endangered the jobs of more than 5000 workers, and its executives and heads are trying to communicate with parties around the world, including steelmakers and private equity foundations.

JSW Steel is likely to acquire British Steel

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