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In-depth promotion of the construction of the steel ecosystem, the financial expertise training of the group headquarters

Jun. 21, 2019


In-depth promotion of the construction of the steel ecosystem, the financial expertise training of the group headquarters

6月14日下午,以“善驱金融 智造未来”为主题的“金·智”培训项目第一期开讲。这是中国宝武钢铁生态圈系列培训之集团总部金融专业知识培训的一个重要培训项目。总部部门负责人、总监、处长、高级经理(经理)等300多位员工聆听了清华大学经济管理学院教授周立讲授的《国有资本投资公司运营实践》课。

On the afternoon of June 14, the first phase of the "Jin·Zhi" training project with the theme of "good driving Finance to build the Future" opened. This is an important training program for financial expertise training at the Group Headquarters of Baowu Iron and Steel Ecosystem Series Training. More than 300 employees including heads, directors, directors, and senior managers (managers) of the headquarters department listened to the "Operational Practice of State-owned Capital Investment Companies" taught by Zhou Li, professor of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University.


In 2019, according to the positioning of China Baowu State-owned Capital Investment Co., according to the Group's strategic development plan and talent team construction plan, further promote the transformation of the Group's headquarters from “management assets” to “management capital”, and accelerate the knowledge update of managers at all levels of the Group's headquarters. To improve the level of financial knowledge and promote the construction of the iron and steel ecosystem. The human resources department of the group company, the industrial financial development center and the school of management jointly planned and designed to carry out the financial professional knowledge training of the iron and steel ecosphere series training for the staff of the group headquarters.


The training aims to broaden the financial knowledge and vision of the headquarters and related management personnel, improve the capital operation capability and management level, and then enhance the system capabilities and create a value creation headquarters. In the training course setting, combined with the Group's three-tier structure and the company's strategic development orientation,around the headquarters key management posts and related personnel to improve their financial knowledge and capital operation ability, focus on training managers' ability to gain insight into the macroeconomic and financial environment, industrial capital operation ability, financial risk control ability, and comprehensively improve the level of financial and investment management. In addition to the "Operation practice of State-owned Capital Investment companies", there are nine courses, such as "interpretation of Financial Policy and risk Prevention", "introduction of main products and tools in Financial Market", "mixed ownership and Equity incentive", which cover capital operation, system capability, financial theory and practice, etc.


In addition to the above-mentioned main training courses, this training also provides online support learning courses for employees to improve the employee financial knowledge framework. Courses such as “Internet Financial Risk Thinking and Application Management” and “Investment and Acquisition Basic Knowledge” have been set up for employees to choose. At the same time, it is recommended that the bibliography be read offline to provide each student with a manual of financial knowledge and case analysis, so as to facilitate the supplement and improvement of follow-up knowledge. In addition, in order to ensure the effectiveness of training and learning, this series of training for students to adopt the assessment and scoring system. Each time after participating in the "Jin·Zhi" training project site or network study, the online topic knowledge test should be completed for the topic content, and the test passer will be confirmed to obtain the class time. Comprehensive consideration of training hours, test conditions, student attendance, etc., weighted summary, issued a training completion certificate for students who have reached the established scoreline.

In-depth promotion of the construction of the steel ecosystem, the financial expertise training of the group headquarters


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