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What is the Continuous Forming Method of Stainless Steel Pipe Ferritic?

Feb. 06, 2020

The formation of Stainless Steel Pipe Ferritic welds is mostly straight welded pipe forming. Straight seam welded pipe forming can be divided into two categories: continuous forming and discontinuous forming. Here we introduce the continuous forming process. As a Ferritic Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier, share with you.

Compared with the same type of carbon steel, stainless steel strip or stainless steel sheet has the characteristics of high strength, strong sensitivity to work hardening, good abrasion resistance, high possibility of bonding and poor thermal conductivity. Therefore, during the forming process of stainless steel welded pipe, Special attention should be paid to the above characteristics in order to obtain a good molding effect. For stainless steel welded pipes, the more important is welding after forming. Therefore, the requirements for welded pipe forming, in addition to obtaining a good shape, also require providing a good weld for welding. The weld of stainless steel welded pipe is at the edge of the strip or plate. Therefore, forming the edge of the strip or plate is the key to a good weld, and it has become a place that should be paid special attention to during the forming process. A pair of strips or plates are required to have no wave edges and no straight edges after molding. The two sides must be aligned, level, no misalignment, and no peach shape.

Continuous bending forming is the continuous forming of strip steel on the continuous forming unit, which passes through the adjusted forming frames in turn, and is bent into a straight seam open tube. The formed open pipe is welded into a welded pipe with a straight seam at the welding extrusion according to its thickness. The welded pipe produced by this molding method has high and stable appearance quality and high production efficiency. There are several ways of continuous bending:

Stainless Steel Tube ASTM A268

Stainless Steel Tube ASTM A268

1. Roller continuous cold roll forming

2. Bending forming of the strip steel center

The strip center bending molding starts from the center axis of the strip, and the bending radius R is constant, which is equal to the radius of the finished tube, and then the intermediate deformation angle is increased one by one, and the end enters the closed-hole forming roller with the guide piece At this point, the formation of the straight seam welded pipe is completed.

3. Bend forming of strip edge

Strip edge bending is formed from the edge of the strip. The bending radius R is constant, which is equal to the radius of the finished pipe. Until it enters the closed forming roll and is formed into an open straight seam tube.

4. Bending around

Circumferential bending is the simultaneous bending deformation along the entire width of the strip. The bending radius decreases one frame at a time, while the central bending angle increases one frame at a time during the forming process. After closing the forming roll, it forms an open straight seam tube.

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