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China will randomly check and resolve the excess capacity of steel

Apr. 05, 2019


China will randomly check and resolve the excess capacity of steel

据新华社信息  工业和信息化部相关人士日前表示,今年将对钢铁产能违法违规行为高发易发的重点省份组织开展一次巩固化解过剩产能成果抽查,继续利用卫星遥感、电力监测、举报平台等手段,对钢铁产能违法违规行为保持露头就打的高压态势。

According to a relevant person from the Ministry of Information Industry and Information Technology of the Xinhua News Agency, this year, key provinces with a high incidence of violations of iron and steel production capacity will organize a spot check to consolidate and resolve the achievements of excess production capacity. we will continue to use satellite remote sensing, power monitoring, reporting platforms, and other means to maintain a high-pressure situation of outstanding violations of iron and steel production capacity.


"This year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology should carry out the 'reviewing' work on the publicly announced capacity replacement program. For enterprises that practice fraud, such as repeated replacement, false replacement, approval of small and large construction, and that the replacement plan is not in place, joint punishment shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations, and the relevant responsible persons shall be strengthened in the intensity of accountability and accountability, strengthen negative warnings, and further consolidate and expand the achievements in resolving iron and steel excess capacity. "  The person said. According to reports, recently, with the continuous improvement of the steel industry market situation, driven by high profits, the willingness of some regions and enterprises to invest in the steel industry is very strong, the impulse to expand capacity is obvious, there are some illegal construction problems, such as producing iron and steel products in the name of cast ferroalloy or circular economy, trying to resume the construction of stopped smelting projects, and breaking the rules and regulations on electric furnace steel. On the other hand, the re-ignition of the strip steel is more concealed and it is impossible to prevent it. Although the strip steel has basically cleared up, there are still some companies that are taking risks. Since last year, several typical cases have been investigated. Therefore the ban on new production capacity has become the key to consolidate the achievements of supply-side structural reform in the iron and steel industry.

China will randomly check and resolve the excess capacity of steel

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