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BHP Billiton expects production to increase by 6% in FY 2018

Feb. 02, 2018


BHP Billiton expects production to increase by 6% in FY 2018


BHP Billiton's 2018 first half fiscal year operating bulletin shows that in FY 2018 (July 2017-2018), BHP Billiton's annual production target and unit cost target for oil, copper, iron ore and thermal coal remain unchanged.

必和必拓负责人介绍称,“得益于价格上涨,我们在过去的半年里经营业绩表现强劲。得益于Los Colorados扩建项目的投产,集团铜矿产量增加了17%。同时,西澳铁矿与昆士兰煤矿的产量也均创下历史新纪录。多元化的资产组合在2018财年第二季度中表现出来的良好发展势头也将会持续带动下半年运营业绩的提升。综合来自于铁矿石与铜挖潜项目的产量增长,我们预计全年产量增幅为6%。”公报称,集团主要开发项目现在都在按部就班推进。西澳铁矿(WAIO)产量在2017年12月当季创下新高,年化产量达2.84亿吨。公报表示,必和必拓将持续挖掘资产组合的潜在产能,智利埃斯康迪达铜矿(Escondida)的Los Colorados扩建项目在2017年12月当季成功投产。在油气方面,公报称,2017年第四季度,在美国的陆上石油生产钻井数量仍为9台,但预计未来会有所减少,公司正在调整生产方案以期在退出页岩业务过程中实现价值最大化。

According to the person in charge of BHP Billiton, “We have performed strongly in the past six months thanks to price increases. Thanks to the launch of the Los Colorados expansion project, the Group’s copper production increased by 17%. Meanwhile, Western Australia’s iron ore The production of Queensland coal mines also set a new record. The good development momentum of the diversified portfolio in the second quarter of FY 2018 will continue to drive the improvement of operating results in the second half of the year. Based on the increase in output from iron ore and copper tapping projects, we expect annual production to increase by 6%. The communique said that the Group's major development projects are now progressing step by step. WAIO production in Western Australia reached a new high in the December 2017 season, with an annual output of 284 million tons. The communique said that BHP Billiton will continue to tap into the potential capacity of the portfolio, and the Los Colorados expansion project in Escondida, Chile, was successfully put into operation in the December 2017 season. In terms of oil and gas, the communique said that in the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of onshore oil production drillings in the United States remained at 9, but was expected to decline in the future, and the company was adjusting its production plan to maximize value in its withdrawal from the shale business.

BHP Billiton expects production to increase by 6% in FY 2018

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