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What is the application of Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe in coastal buildings and bridges?

Jan. 08, 2020

Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe is stainless steel with approximately 50% of ferrite and austenite phases in the solid solution structure. It not only has good toughness, high strength and excellent resistance to chloride corrosion but also resists pitting corrosion and crystal resistance. Corrosion, especially stress corrosion resistance in chloride ion environment.

Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

The marine environment is complicated. In addition to considering the effects of various forces caused by various natural factors in the design of marine engineering, factors such as seawater corrosion and microbial corrosion must be considered. In offshore engineering fields such as offshore platforms, artificial islands, and oil and gas exploration and production platforms, a large number of steel materials are used to manufacture various structural parts and equipment. Due to its high strength and excellent stress corrosion resistance, duplex stainless steels are particularly suitable for use in the marine engineering field. Especially with the vigorous development of deep-sea projects in recent years, duplex stainless steel has become one of the attractive materials for deep-water and ultra-deep-water environments.

As a Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing Supplier, share with you the application of duplex stainless steel in marine engineering:

Coastal buildings and bridges

Coastal buildings face natural conditions of high humidity and high salt. For the new Doha International Airport in Qatar, a Persian Gulf country, it will also be affected by ultraviolet rays, high temperatures and abrasion. Traditional construction materials have insufficient resistance to pitting corrosion. The construction party initially suggested the use of titanium alloys for the construction of airport roofs. However, due to the difficulty and high cost of construction, they had to abandon the use of this material and consider the use of durable materials with more life cycle costs. Advantageous duplex stainless steel. In the end, ATI 2003 economic duplex stainless steel was selected. The duplex stainless steel sheet of more than 1,500 tons was matte-treated on the surface to build the world's largest wavy stainless steel roof! The advantages of duplex stainless steel are undoubted.

Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, China, has a design life of 120 years and is maintenance-free. The Trans-Bay Highway Bridge connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen used a total of about 2,000 tons of 2205 steel plates to manufacture the outer surface structure of the upper part of the bridge tower. In addition, about 1,250 tons of 2205 and 316 were used as the reinforcement of the highway. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the world's longest spanning sea-crossing bridge running through the entire line in October last year used 8,200 tons of two-way stainless steel rebar, which is mainly used in the bridge's platform, tower and pier.

In addition, due to its good strength and toughness, the economical duplex stainless steel UNS 32304 has been used to construct wind-resistant and fire-resistant buildings on offshore platforms.

Oil and gas extraction

Duplex stainless steel is mainly used in downhole production pipelines, oilfield gas well injection devices, offshore centrifugal separators, subsea oil and gas transportation pipeline systems, submarine cable pipelines, subsea deep well flexible pipelines and supply pipelines, and onshore and offshore pipelines. The system, heat exchanger, water surface operation system, etc., are especially suitable for application in acidic environments without Cl, CO2, H2S without corrosion inhibitors.

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