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8 types of solid waste such as scrap steel, import restrictions from July

Jan. 11, 2019


8 types of solid waste such as scrap steel, import restrictions from July

据中国钢铁新闻网  近日,生态环境部、商务部、国家发改委、海关总署联合发布关于调整《进口废物管理目录》的公告,将废钢铁、铜废碎料、铝废碎料等8个品种固体废物从《非限制进口类可用作原料的固体废物目录》调入《限制进口类可用作原料的固体废物目录》,自2019年7月1日起执行。

According to the China Iron and Steel News Network, the Ministry of Ecological Environment, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the General Administration of Customs have jointly issued an announcement on adjusting the catalog of imported waste Management. Eight varieties of solid waste, such as scrap iron and steel, copper scrap and aluminum scrap, were transferred from the catalogue of unrestricted imported solid wastes that can be used as raw materials to the catalogue of restricted imported solid wastes that can be used as raw materials, which will come into effect on July 1, 2019.


The solid wastes adjusted to restrict imports include cast iron scrap, other alloy steel scrap, tinned steel scrap, steel scrap produced in machining (machining refers to turning, planning, milling, grinding, sawing, filing, shearing, punching), Iron and steel scrap, scrap steel ingots for remelting, other copper scraps and other aluminum scrap are not specified.

2017年7月,国办印发《禁止洋垃圾入境推进固体废物进口管理制度改革实施方案》,明确提出“分批分类调整进口固体废物管理目录” 逐步有序减少固体废物进口种类和数量”。生态环境部表示,调整《进口废物管理目录》是生态环境部会同有关部门贯彻落实《方案》、推进固体废物进口管理制度改革的既定安排,此前已经调整过两次。在2017年将生活来源废塑料、未经分拣废纸、废纺织品、钒渣等4类24种固体废物调整为禁止进口的基础上,2018年4月调整了第二、第三批目录:将废五金、废船、废汽车压件、冶炼渣、工业来源废塑料等16种固体废物调整为禁止进口,自2018年12月31日起执行;将不锈钢废碎料、钛废碎料、木废碎料等16种固体废物调整为禁止进口,自2019年12月31日起执行。

In July 2017, the State Office issued the Implementation Plan for banning the entry of Foreign waste and promoting the Reform of the solid waste Import Management system. Clearly put forward the "batch classification and adjustment of imported solid waste management catalog" gradually and orderly reduce the type and quantity of solid waste imports ".The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said that the adjustment of the "Import Waste Management Catalogue" is an established arrangement between the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the relevant departments to implement the "Program" and promote the reform of the solid waste import management system. It has been adjusted twice before. On the basis of adjusting 24 types of solid waste from four categories, including waste plastics, unsorted waste paper, waste textiles, and vanadium slag, to ban imports in 2017, In April 2018, the second and third batches of solid waste were adjusted: 16 kinds of solid wastes, such as waste hardware, waste ships, waste automobile parts, smelting slag and waste plastics from industrial sources, were adjusted to ban imports, which will be implemented as of December 31, 2018; Sixteen kinds of solid wastes, such as stainless steel scrap, titanium scrap, and wood scrap, were adjusted to prohibit import, which will be implemented as of December 31, 2019.

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