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Baosteel Special Steel evaporator heat transfer tube "service" one year healthy and flawless

Mar. 21, 2017


It is reported that the No.1 unit of Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Station, which was officially commercialized on January 1, 2016, was first shut down in February this year for the first overhaul inspection. The first batch of alloy heat transfer tubes for domestically produced steam generators manufactured by Baosteel Special Steel, which is used in the nuclear heart of the unit, has been subjected to eddy current testing by Third Party China Nuclear Power Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. The test results show that China's first nuclear power evaporator 690 alloy heat transfer tube service nuclear power plant after one cycle, fully meet the in-service acceptance criteria.


In June 2007, in accordance with the country's overall strategic plan for the development of nuclear power and the demand for clean energy, Baosteel, Jiangsu Yinhuan Co., Ltd. and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group jointly invested and established Baoyin Special Steel Tube Co., Ltd. under the control of Baosteel Special Steel Co., Ltd., and built the first professional production line of 690U type tube for nuclear steam generator in China. In December 2009, Baoyin Company and Dongfang Heavy Machinery (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. signed a supply contract for the 690 alloy heat transfer tubes for the evaporator of Fangchenggang Unit 1, and the first batch of domestically products was delivered in December 2010. In August 2015, the nuclear power plant completed the test of heat transfer tube and the first in-service test was completed in February 2017. The first batch of contracts was delivered to the first inspection of the nuclear power plant for 7 years.


Baosteel Special Steel and Baoyin Company have established a complete nuclear quality assurance system and innovative management mode to ensure the products are safe. Every finished product of the offline line is marked with a “birth certificate”, and information such as the manufacturing process and the purpose of use can be found in the database.

In the in-service inspection, with the assistance of China Guangdong Nuclear Testing Technology Co., Ltd., the non-destructive testing inspector of the two sides conducted in-depth technical exchanges on the detection of 690 alloy heat transfer tubes for the evaporator of Fangchenggang Unit 1. By comparing the internal eddy current test data of the heat transfer tube in the three stages of manufacturing, pre-service and in-service, the analysis shows that there is no obvious signal change in the detection of the heat transfer tube at each stage. At the same time, compared with the heat transfer tubes of the same type of units abroad, some signals, such as the dent near the support plate (DNT), are equivalent to foreign countries, but for signals affecting the determination of in-service eddy currents, such as wear signal display (MBM), Baowu heat transfer tubes are significantly less than foreign products, which greatly improves the identifiability of in-service eddy current detection signals of nuclear power plants.

Baosteel Special Steel evaporator heat transfer tube "service" one year healthy and flawless

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