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ASTM A928 vs ASTM A790

Comparison of ASTM A790 and ASTM A928 Standards for Duplex Steel Tubes

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*ASTM A790: Seamless and Welded pipes;   

 ASTMA928: only for EFW pipe. 

*ASTM A790: weld without adding any filled metal;   

 ASTM A928: adding filled metal when weld.

*ASTM A790: corrosion tests should be supplemented when using UNS S31803, S32205, S32750, S32760 and S32520 materials to produce steel tubes;  

 ASTM A928: doesn't require.

Our company can refer to the ASTM A790 specified in the use of unfilled metal welding to produce thick-wall steel pipe. 

That is to say, steel pipes with wall thickness 9.52mm or 12.7mm could have been welded without filling metal. 

However, this is contrary to our practical experience, as a high-quality steel pipe factory, the company does not recommend purchasing steel pipe according to this method, but suggests purchasing according to ASTMA928 medium wall thickness > 4mm. 

After welding by adding filled metal, the weldment can meet the requirements of corrosion resistance specified in more ASTMA928, so it is the first choice for production.

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